2006 Sheppard Ocean Fours North Atlantic Rowing Race

It all started with a poster advertising a rowing race across the ocean on a boat house wall.  It seemed like a challenge they just might be able to bite off.  Eighteen Months later the four young men who became OAR Northwest became the only American entrant against 3 British teams taking 29ft rowboats 3200 nautical miles across the North Atlantic.  In the first five days the four of them were stampeded by thousands of dolphins and weathered hurricane force winds.  On day sixteen they realized a miscalculation with their food supply and began a 55-day ordeal of hunger—this would be there greatest challenge.  Tempers flared and yet teamwork prevailed.  The team won the race and gained a Guinness World Record.   Recognition was fine indeed, but the greatest rewards would come as they processed the knowledge of what it takes to get from point A to point B.