2013 Canadian Wildlife Federation Africa to the Americas Expedition

Building on the success of the Vancouver Island circumnavigation the team made their way to Senegal to prepare for their longest journey yet, over 3600 nautical miles from Dakar on the very western tip of Africa to Miami.   Science and education through on board data collection and a developing day to day story of swimming with whales, flying squid and rainbows appearing at midnight.  Over 70,000 students reached with the help of the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF).  With 600 nautical miles to go the boat capsized from two rogue waves in the middle of a shift change.  Training and preparation kicked in and the Plan B they hoped never to use came into effect.  The United States Coast Guard organized a rescue and in 36 hours the crew was safe on shore with their families in Puerto Rico.  In the next ten days with CWF’s support they mounted a successful recovery of the boat saving the boat, science data, footage and the organization.