About OAR Northwest

“We may not have changed the world but we may have changed people’s perception of it.” -Jordan Hanssen (Day 54 of 72, North Atlantic Rowing Race 2006)

Founded in 2005, OAR Northwest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adventure education and research organization, run primarily by volunteers, that uses adventure for scientific exploration and free STEM-focused education delivered online and in-person.

Mission Statement
Use adventure-based rowing to create and deliver the best adventure education content to students worldwide, while researching environments that we explore together.

Vision Statement
Multiple expeditions worldwide, running year-around, delivering the finest free adventure education curriculum to over 500,000 students.

Mailing Address
OAR Northwest
PO Box 31402
Seattle, WA 98103

Tax Information
Federal Tax ID#: 33-1118938
Washington State UBI#: 602 502 675

OAR Northwest Board of Directors

Our Location

OAR Northwest is Located in Beautiful Seattle, WA